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At LifeCheck, you receive quick and secure access to our online services: all related to your health. For example, speak to a doctor or consult a professional coach. Get advice from a nutritionist, join our Get Fit programme or get help quitting smoking.

Meet the LifeCheck professionals

LifeCheck works exclusively with highly trained, experienced professionals, selected by our partner Teladoc Health
Meet some of the specialists from our team here.


Before starting as a GP, Marnix worked in emergency medicine, cardiology and pulmonary medicine. He is very interested in improving health care and well-being through innovation.


Mariecke’s will help you identify the reason of your situation and guide you in taking targeted steps to feel better or more in control. For more than 15 years, she has been coaching people towards a positive way of life.


Manon wants you to feel fitter. Therefore, she offers advice on your daily diet. A tailor-made solution for each individual is her expertise.

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Frequently asked questions from employees

You will receive, through your employer, an access code for LifeCheck. You can easily create an account with this access code. After that, you can use our services via the website or app. Get in touch with a doctor or professional coach by phone or video call, whatever you prefer. All our specialists are available on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 19:30. You can also use the Get Fit programme outside these working hours.

No, privacy you share with LifeCheck will not be shared with your employer. The information you share with us will therefore always remain confidential. Under no circumstances do we share personal information with employers that can be traced back to you as an individual. Your employer will not know which employee contacted a LifeCheck professional and will also not know what is discussed.

LifeCheck is paid by your employer. The moment your employer has a partnership with LifeCheck, you have free access to all our services.

Our doctors and coaches can schedule a follow-up appointment with you at the end of an interview. Optionally, they can also leave notes and documents for you. This can be useful in the future if you get in touch with one of their colleagues in the future.

No, LifeCheck is an independent service. Therefore, you do not need a referral letter from a GP (huisarts). We are always here for you.

You can use the platform indefinitely. However for coaching, a maximum of three conversations per subject applies. Is permanent help needed? If so, we are willing to help finding a permanent solution together.