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At LifeCheck, you receive quick and secure access to our online services: all related to your health. Speak to a doctor, professional coach or nutritionist, wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. Join our Get Fit program or get help to quit smoking.

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At LifeCheck, you will receive quick and secure access to these services:

For your body

Are you experiencing physical complaints, don’t feel fit, have questions about your health or are you simply not comfortable in your own skin? Whatever you’re dealing with, have a chat with a doctor from our LifeCheck team. Behind our website and app, our doctors are there for you: where and when it suits you. Discuss your situation in a confidential way, for example, if searching on the internet only creates uncertainty.

For your mind

When you are comfortable in your skin – at home or
at work – then you often perform a
lot better. Negative emotions or tension, on the other hand, sip energy. Make an appointment and take your first step today. Your coach will help you identify the reason of your situation and guide you in taking targeted steps to feel better or more in control. Our team consists of professional coaches with different specialties, so there is always someone available to provide you with what you need. Discussing symptoms of stress early prevents burnout or overstrain.

For your lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health. Our nutrition experts are here to help you with personalised nutritional advice. We are also here for you if you want to quit smoking or get fitter. With our Get Fit program, you take the next step towards a more active lifestyle.

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Read the experiences of others

I got a quick call back, a very helpful coversation and consult. How helpful not to have a wating time and plan a quick call. Nice to be able to do this from home without considering travel time. You can do this at your own convenience.


Although I have quit smoking several times in the past, my motivation is stronger now because I will soon become a father. I started the LifeCheck quit smoking course, which offers online modules and personal coaching. This gives me valuable insights into my smoking behaviour and provides additional support to successfully quit smoking.


I can definitely recommend LifeCheck’s get-fit programme. It is low-threshold and very accessible. You will receive nutrition charts containing pictures. In addition, a clear sports programme and weekly emails showing where you are in the programme. I recommend this for everyone to try.


Meet the professionals
from LifeCheck

LifeCheck works exclusively with highly trained, experienced professionals, selected by our partner Teladoc Health. All our specialists have at least a completed college education in healthcare, medicine, or nutrition and dietetics. We also require a minimum of 2 years’ work experience from all our doctors and dieticians, and a minimum of 5 years’ experience from our coaches.

Naam volledig

Naam volledig


Voordat Marnix als huisarts begon was hij werkzaam op de spoedeisende hulp, cardiologie en longgeneeskunde. Hij is zeer geïnteresseerd in het verbeteren van zorg en welzijn door middel van innovatie.

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Naam volledig

Naam volledig


Mariecke haar missie is om je mentaal en fysiek in een gezonde balans te laten bewegen. Al meer dan vijftien jaar coacht ze mensen op weg naar een positieve manier van leven.

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Naam volledig

Naam volledig


Maarten is diëtist en personal trainer. Door zijn opleidingen op het gebied van voeding en sport en jarenlange ervaring, weet hij als geen ander hoe hij jou optimaal kan ondersteunen.

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Naam volledig

Naam volledig


Kelsey is huisarts. Ze heeft Algemene Geneeskunde gestudeerd in Maastricht en is nu al een aantal jaren als zelfstandig ondernemer aan de slag. Kelsey helpt je graag met al je vragen over je fysieke gezondheid.

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Naam volledig

Naam volledig


Lynn begeleidt je in een veilige, niet-oordelende omgeving om samen met jou te onderzoeken wat er speelt in jouw leven. Met coaching en training richt ze zich op het duurzaam behalen van jouw gewenste doelstellingen.

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Naam volledig

Naam volledig


Emmy werkt nu 2 jaar als mental health coach voor Teladoc. Met haar coachingsessies helpt ze jou om je welzijn te verbeteren, vanuit het comfort van je eigen huis, op kantoor of een andere locatie.

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Naam volledig

Naam volledig


Esther heeft tien jaar een eigen praktijk gehad. Ze vind het belangrijk om goed te luisteren en de ‘hele’ mens te zien in plaats van alleen de klacht waarmee iemand komt. Haar werkwijze kenmerkt zich door, indien mogelijk, samen beslissingen te nemen over de behandeling.

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Frequently asked questions from employees

Frequently asked questions from employees

You will receive, through your employer, an access code for LifeCheck. You can easily create an account with this access code. After that, you can use our services via the website or app. Get in touch with a doctor or professional coach by phone or video call, for example. All our specialists are available on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 19:30. You can also use the Get Fit program outside these working hours.

Need help registering for LifeCheck? In our videos, we explain step-by-step how to complete your registration.

No, privacy is very important at LifeCheck. The information you share with us will therefore always remain confidential. Under no circumstances do we share personal information with employers that can be traced back to you as an individual. So your employer will never know who contacts us or what is discussed.

LifeCheck is paid by your employer. The moment your employer has a partnership with LifeCheck, you have access to all our services.

Our doctors and coaches can schedule a follow-up appointment with you at the end of an interview. Optionally, they can also leave notes and documents for you, in the case you get in touch with one of their colleagues in the future.

No, LifeCheck is an independent service. Therefore, you do not need a referral letter from a GP. We are always here for you.

You can use the platform indefinitely. However for coaching, a maximum of three conversations per subject applies. Is permanent help needed? If so, we will help to find a permanent solution together.