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For all your physical questions, concerns or complaints, you can contact our online doctors. They are ready to talk to you whenever and wherever is convenient for you. Discuss your situation confidential with a specialist. For example, if you need a certainty check, or suffer from symptoms that affect your daily life.

What our doctors can help you with

Physical complaints

Questions about your health

Uncertainty about certain complaints

Suffering from hay fever


Dealing with menopause symptoms

Talk to a doctor

For all your physical questions, concerns or complaints, you can contact our online doctors: wherever and whenever it suits you. For example, do you have a spot on your body that you would like to have looked at? Or do you suffer from hay fever, and does it affect your daily life? Our doctors are available to discuss your personal situation.

Discuss your menopause symptoms

Menopause can cause a variety of symptoms, and discussing this is not always easy. We are here to help you with common menopause symptoms such as mood swings, weight gain and heavier periods. Make an appointment and together we will see what we can do for you. The specialist will help you on your way to a solution.

Getting a second look (opinion)

Sometimes you may be faced with known symptoms, but doubt their severity, for example. Then it’s nice to have it checked just to be sure, and take away your uncertainties. Through our website and app, you can talk about it in detail with a doctor from our team. Our experts take extensive time to discuss your situation and questions, offer a listening ear and help you on your way to a solution.

No waiting times

Completely anonymous

Where and when you want

This is what users of LifeCheck say about the service;

Use LifeCheck and speak confidentially with one of our coaches.
Sometimes a listening ear can make all the difference.

The speed with which I was helped at LifeCheck was pleasant. Within 20 minutes of the appointment, I had an expert advice. I did not have to queue up by phone or travel to the practice. I can definitely recommend a consult from LifeCheck!


Asking small concerns to your GP quickly feels like too much, as they are often busy. The nice thing about LifeCheck is that you can always plan a call and speak to a professional. Are you walking around with something you have actually been meaning to discuss for a while? Then I definitely recommend an appointment with LifeCheck!


At LifeCheck, you won’t have to deal with telephone queues. The phone consultation can be done from home, I was called back quickly and travel time is taken into account. Of course, it cannot always replace a live consultation, but I am a fan of LifeCheck!


We are ready to support you as an employer

Want to get started with LifeCheck as an employer? Do you have questions about our services, or want to know more about who we are and what we can do for your employees? Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will be happy to tell you about all the possibilities.

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Frequently asked questions from employees

Frequently asked questions from employees

Think in advance about what you want to discuss with the doctor. Choose a quiet and comfortable place for the conversation where you will not be disturbed. Preferably use a headset or headphones to minimise background noise. Make sure you are on time and, in the case of a video call, please test the connection beforehand whether everything works.

The LifeCheck (Teladoc Health) doctors may decide to prescribe medication in certain situations. In principle, they only do this for “minor ailments” and never for, for example, emergency care, chronic diseases and extensive medical interventions.

After each consultation, the doctor writes up a report. This includes a summary of the conversation and the advice that is formulated. You can download it in the app or via the web portal. To do so, go to menu and then click on ‘your appointments’ and then click on the consultation.