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Have you encountered a situation you would like to improve? For example, to feel more confident in social situations or at work. Letting go more easily of things that are happening in your live. Feel more comfortable in certain (socials) situations or to have a more positive outlook on life. Your coach will help you identify the reason of your situation and guide you in taking targeted steps to feel better or more in control. Our team consists of professional coaches with different specialties, so there is always someone available to provide you with what you need. Whether you need coaching regarding financial stress (budgetcoaching), help with work-related stress or you are coping with drastic changes, we are here for you.

What our coaches can help you with


Dealing with change



Financial concerns

Talking about dealing with inappopriate behaviour

Talk to a coach

Our coaches will help you with your concerns or complaints. Private or work-related. They will help you to provide you with what you need. After all, you are not alone! You can come to us for an open and trusting conversation. Sometimes just a listening ear can make all the difference. Together, we will make sure you feel better about yourself, at home and at work.

Coaching - Financial stress

Due to the various factors, more and more people are suffering from financial problems or experiencing money concerns. Talk to a coach and if necessary, we will bring you into contact with experienced budget coaches in a accessible and anonymous way. By working together in a concrete way, we help you regain control of your financial situation.

Get help with tension or stress

Negative tension and stress cost a lot of energy. Make an appointment and take your first step today. Depending on what is going on, we will explore together with you what can help you to prevent, for example, certain tension or even a burnout. LifeCheck is here for all the things you might actually want to check: after all, it’s never too early for a professional advice.

Please note that this service does not include relationship therapy. Do you have individual questions about your relationship?
Then you can ask our specialist.

Life Events Counselling

Drastic changes, both positive and negative, can have an unexpectedly large impact. Whether it is the effects of divorce, the impact of having a child or losing a loved one, LifeCheck coaches are there for you to discuss your feelings. Some events or changes can throw you off balance, and then it is nice to pause and check how you are actually doing.

Informal care coaching

As a caregiver, you take care of a loved one. But do you also take care of yourself? You would like to be there for someone, but you also have to arrange practical matters. The informal care coaches offer help and practical support for everyone who takes care of a loved one.

New At LifeCheck

A conversation with our mental coach is strictly confidential and discreet. Everything you share about your situation remains between you and the professional. So you can talk freely without fear of any consequences. Together you will see what steps you can and want to take. We offer a listening ear and support you with professional guidance. Our specialists can help you if something is bothering you or you are struggling with something: whether it is dealing with stress, anxiety, personal issues or your mental health. Specifically, with a confidant, you can discuss undesirable behaviour that you have experienced as inappropriate. Consider issues such as bullying, (sexual) harassment, discrimination or aggression? The first consultation takes place with a coach. This coach is there to listen to you and understand your situation. Often, this conversation already gives you a lot of peace of mind. This coach can also advise you to take the step to a confidant

No waiting times

Completely anonymous

Where and when you want

This is what users of LifeCheck say about the service;

Use LifeCheck and speak confidentially with one of our coaches.
Sometimes a listening ear can make all the difference.

I am very positive about this new employment benefit, especially considering the fact it is free of charge and anonymous. I am proud that my employer offers this.


From employees I get back that they find LifeCheck easy to use and experience a high quality of the service. The way we receive information from LifeCheck specialists is quite different compared to the internet or via a workshop. Personally I experienced the service as very positive. I recommend this to my employees where needed.


It is very nice to discuss and talk about my health. With one phone call, I got the right help. Through a good conversation with a doctor, my concerns were quickly addressed.


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Frequently asked questions from employees

Frequently asked questions from employees

Think in advance about what you hope to achieve. What specific goals do you want to achieve? What results do you hope to achieve? Write down a list of questions you want to ask your coach. Choose a quiet and comfortable place for the conversation where you will not be disturbed. Preferably use a headset or headphones to minimise background noise. Make sure you are on time and in the case of video calls, test beforehand to see if this works and you have a stable connection.

You can have 3 conversations with your coach per topic for which you need coaching. After each conversation you decide whether you need a follow-up conversation. Would you like to move on to another topic for coaching afterwards? That is possible.

At the moment it is not possible to choose your own specialist. You can indicate the reason for your call when scheduling your call. You can also indicate your preferences here. On that basis, we can match you with the coach that suits you best.

A consultation usually takes 30 – 45 minutes. Afterwards, the coach will finalise and suggest a follow-up interview if necessary. You can always stop earlier.

LifeCheck coaches are exclusively selected by Teladoc Health and have at least 5 years of proven experience as professional coaches. In addition, they all have a valid EIA certification, a globally recognised quality mark for professional coaches.